And So It Begins – 2022

I’m not sure it’s wise to start with happy new year, for many this really hasn’t been and with Omicron doing it’s best to spread far and wide, it’s not likely to improve for many.

I’m not doing any new years resolutions as such, a tradition that is more about making plans you don’t intend to stick to than about actually making any changes. I do have plans I intend to stick to, all of which are more than a little scary but also exciting. How far I’ll get with them I don’t know, but I hope you’ll stick around to find out.

One is a local pursuit, a community I aim to build, which may, or may not, move beyond my local community in time.

Another is photography related, this is actually two things, the first is an aim to learn about photographing people, the other is to get my Covid project finished, or at least as finished as it can be with things still going. I hope to exhibit it and produce a photo book, but I need more people shots to complete this, so it may take a while. I’m looking to photograph key workers, masked up and doing their best, but I won’t be taking them without permission, so I’ll need to source some volunteers. As you can see, I need to do the first before I can do the second.

And finally I want to get my first draft of my book finished, it’s at around 75k at the moment and has some overly rushed bits and some slightly pointless bits that could be reworked or even removed. Not too sure yet how that will go, the decision then will be to self-publish or query, where do you go from there?

What’s your year look like? Do you have plans or are you unwilling to make any in case things interfere? Do you make resolutions and stick to them? I’d love to hear from anyone who does.

Ending with a good morning, from me to you, because you don’t have to end on good bye.

Published by Michelle Quinton

Mum, wife, perpetual student, freelance writer, weight loss coach, artist and occasionally model. I love to try new things, I love to write and I love studying and researching. Never thought I'd see the day that studying became something I enjoyed, but here we are. My blog is where I put my thoughts, I also plan to start a blog of short stories, with a new prompt for each story.

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