And So It Begins – 2022

I’m not sure it’s wise to start with happy new year, for many this really hasn’t been and with Omicron doing it’s best to spread far and wide, it’s not likely to improve for many. I’m not doing any new years resolutions as such, a tradition that is more about making plans you don’t intendContinue reading “And So It Begins – 2022”

Collab reviews – real or scam? T-Post

There are so many of the collab or ambassador offers these days, and honestly, most of them aren’t real or have catches that make it not worth your time. My latest is T-post, who I confess, I’d not heard of until today. I find it fascinating how many I get considering my followers are fairlyContinue reading “Collab reviews – real or scam? T-Post”

Quarantine Halloween – Movie Night

So we’re staying home this Halloween, we’re going to have a movie night but maybe you’re not after a standard horror movie? Maybe you’re looking for kids films? Or even a little romcom? There’s plenty of blogs telling you about the horror movies, but what’s out there, and is that all there is to watch?Continue reading “Quarantine Halloween – Movie Night”

Quarantine Halloween – 13 ways to Stay Spooky At Home!

I keep seeing posts talking about cancelling Halloween (and Christmas) because of Covid, if you need going out and shopping to make these worthwhile for you then that’s a real shame. For the rest of us, how about some Quarantine Halloween ideas? Let’s make a plan, 13 ways to make it fun and spooky whileContinue reading “Quarantine Halloween – 13 ways to Stay Spooky At Home!”

The Universe, the planet and me.

The universe is a fascinating place, I don’t pretend to know much of anything about it, in terms of how much information is out there I think it’s impossible to truly know all of it. One of the reasons I started this blog was to put out there what I do know, discuss theories andContinue reading “The Universe, the planet and me.”

Current plans

Sorry for the silent treatment, I’ve been a busy beaver so to speak. I’m working on a collection of short stories inspired by conversations overheard on the street, called Stories from the Streets, and obviously my Outbreak story which is nearly halfway through the first draft. I’ll be sharing a few samples of those hereContinue reading “Current plans”

This is a blog post, sponsored by Chianti wine….

I don’t know what my plan was with writing this, but I wanted to talk to you about dreams. I have dreams, we all do I think, whether we are aware of it or not, I often joke one of mine is to build a hippy commune. Land where people grow their food, live togetherContinue reading “This is a blog post, sponsored by Chianti wine….”


I’ve been trying to write a post recently about making excuses but it keeps ending up long winded. We all make them, but no one wants to be told they’re making them. I’ve made them, trying to get healthy, trying to lose weight or trying to keep the house tidy. From reasons to why I’mContinue reading “Excuses”

So much for that idea…

1 hour came and went, the living room is done but my daughter has spread her painting stuff across my table so it won’t be finished just yet. Still good to clear the clutter. Clutter is a funny one, some people can manage it, some struggle, some hate it, while others think a room isContinue reading “So much for that idea…”

The First Day of a New Year

I love Christmas but find the limbo between Christmas a new year a real challenge. The one thing I really want to do is move forward so new years day I like to clear the place up. I rarely succeed in actually doing as much as I’d like and with my arms being sore I’mContinue reading “The First Day of a New Year”

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