Changes – Photography

You may have noticed a few changes on the website, while I wanted to keep things together, it’s become obvious that some aspects need their own dedicated space. My photography is an important part of my life, and I have been working on developing that skill. Preferences lean towards street, candid and macro photography, IContinue reading “Changes – Photography”

Phone Wallpaper

So I know I’ve been super quiet, occasionally I bite off more than I can chew and end up with tons of jobs to sort and no energy to face them. That’s where I’ve been lately, you may have noticed that apart from twitter, most of my social media has been pretty quiet and that’sContinue reading “Phone Wallpaper”

Covid-19 Photography Project – part 3

Just a few shots for this project, I’m hoping to add to these in time. So what else fits into the category of Covid-19 sites? I plan on heading out with my camera to get some more images that show the current Covid world. Do you have images that show the progression of the currentContinue reading “Covid-19 Photography Project – part 3”

Reorganising: modelling, photography and all the bits in between.

I literally just sat and recategorised and reorganised my whole blog because I had re-written the front page and added categories I didn’t realise I didn’t have. So much for organising, more like making more work for myself. However it has given me a chance to add a small amount of modelling to this blog,Continue reading “Reorganising: modelling, photography and all the bits in between.”

Photography Project: Stand Out

Good morning/afternoon/evening, I don’t actually know where you are so figured I’d cover all the bases. As lockdown lifts it’s become pretty much impossible for me to do my #lockdownbusiness photography project, so it’s time to start a new one. Prompted by my youngest who does a great job of standing out among their peers,Continue reading “Photography Project: Stand Out”

#lockdownbusiness – Video Slideshow

This was a practice attempt at using Adobe spark to make a video., something I hope to do more of in the near future. I’m planning a project where I’ll be making one of these with music from the amazing Otis Galloway, the aim being to create a slideshow, alongside a behind the scenes pieceContinue reading “#lockdownbusiness – Video Slideshow”

Covid-19 Photography Project – Lockdown Business

I love projects, decorating projects, art projects, research projects. I love them, they keep me focused, they give me something to aim for and work on, they keep my brain ticking over. Projects make me happy. Lockdown doesn’t, I understand the logic behind it, the need for it, and I do my best to stickContinue reading “Covid-19 Photography Project – Lockdown Business”

Lockdown Entertainment – photography

Good morning or afternoon should I say, I don’t know about you but the last 4 weeks or so have been long. And going out has been a real issue. I’m not currently going to go into the difficulties we face at present, I don’t feel capable of writing a blog on how to handleContinue reading “Lockdown Entertainment – photography”

Street photography – famous and beginner

In my efforts to learn photography, specifically street photography at the moment, I decided I’d learn a bit more about other street photographers. So who am I looking at? My first choice is Henri Cartier-Bresson, (more) who is part of Magnum Photos. I came across his work while looking for some tips on street photography,Continue reading “Street photography – famous and beginner”

Exhibitions and Competitions

So I was going to write a blog about stress, and I’m still going to – on Friday, but at the moment I am thinking very hard about how to take my photography further. I wanted to join the Improvers group at our local photography club but despite the groups new year starting in SeptemberContinue reading “Exhibitions and Competitions”

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