Changes – Photography

You may have noticed a few changes on the website, while I wanted to keep things together, it’s become obvious that some aspects need their own dedicated space. My photography is an important part of my life, and I have been working on developing that skill. Preferences lean towards street, candid and macro photography, IContinue reading “Changes – Photography”

Phone Wallpaper

So I know I’ve been super quiet, occasionally I bite off more than I can chew and end up with tons of jobs to sort and no energy to face them. That’s where I’ve been lately, you may have noticed that apart from twitter, most of my social media has been pretty quiet and that’sContinue reading “Phone Wallpaper”

Photography Project: Stand Out

Good morning/afternoon/evening, I don’t actually know where you are so figured I’d cover all the bases. As lockdown lifts it’s become pretty much impossible for me to do my #lockdownbusiness photography project, so it’s time to start a new one. Prompted by my youngest who does a great job of standing out among their peers,Continue reading “Photography Project: Stand Out”

Exhibitions and Competitions

So I was going to write a blog about stress, and I’m still going to – on Friday, but at the moment I am thinking very hard about how to take my photography further. I wanted to join the Improvers group at our local photography club but despite the groups new year starting in SeptemberContinue reading “Exhibitions and Competitions”

Learning to Edit – Lightroom

So if you’re following my instagram you’ll know I’m learning photography, I am trying a few different techniques for editing but mostly I’m just learning the basics. This week has been about revisiting Adobe Lightroom, which so far I’m enjoying – though I really wish I knew where my glasses were, this would be someContinue reading “Learning to Edit – Lightroom”

A Potential Project

Ok I’m really bad for starting a project and not keeping up with it, I’ve been like it since I was a kid with diaries and stories lol. However I keep on trying and today I try again. I am going to do a photography project about the world we’ve built without us. I willContinue reading “A Potential Project”

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