#lockdownbusiness – Video Slideshow

This was a practice attempt at using Adobe spark to make a video., something I hope to do more of in the near future. I’m planning a project where I’ll be making one of these with music from the amazing Otis Galloway, the aim being to create a slideshow, alongside a behind the scenes pieceContinue reading “#lockdownbusiness – Video Slideshow”

Photography – The Golden Ratio, Phi Grids & Fibonacci

This week I’m looking at cropping, can cropping improve a photo and what’s the best way to do it? Well that’s a good question and it’s one I’ve been trying to figure out. I’m trying to learn the best way to take a picture, the angle, the light etc, then someone mentions the golden ratio,Continue reading “Photography – The Golden Ratio, Phi Grids & Fibonacci”

Learning to Edit – Lightroom

So if you’re following my instagram you’ll know I’m learning photography, I am trying a few different techniques for editing but mostly I’m just learning the basics. This week has been about revisiting Adobe Lightroom, which so far I’m enjoying – though I really wish I knew where my glasses were, this would be someContinue reading “Learning to Edit – Lightroom”

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