Collab reviews – real or scam? T-Post

There are so many of the collab or ambassador offers these days, and honestly, most of them aren’t real or have catches that make it not worth your time. My latest is T-post, who I confess, I’d not heard of until today. I find it fascinating how many I get considering my followers are fairlyContinue reading “Collab reviews – real or scam? T-Post”

Learning to Edit – Lightroom

So if you’re following my instagram you’ll know I’m learning photography, I am trying a few different techniques for editing but mostly I’m just learning the basics. This week has been about revisiting Adobe Lightroom, which so far I’m enjoying – though I really wish I knew where my glasses were, this would be someContinue reading “Learning to Edit – Lightroom”

When Wellness Gets Too Much

The word wellness is meant to stand for mental and/or physical well-being, but has it lost it’s meaning? Is wellness still about taking care of yourself? Wellness, self-care, well-being, these are all buzz words that are thrown around online and in the real world, they came to the foreground with people trying to improve theirContinue reading “When Wellness Gets Too Much”

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