Knowing Your Signs

One thing I always wanted to do with this blog was to be more personal, not just articles and tips, but real feelings and personality. This is not an easy task for me, so I hope you’ll bear with me. This post is about spotting the signs, if you’ve experienced mental health issues before, youContinue reading “Knowing Your Signs”

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is a day of awareness, keeping fresh in our minds that anyone can suffer from mental health issues, at any time, in any place. And yet, we still hear “What have they got to be depressed about?” or my favourite one “they’re just doing it for attention.” I put those upContinue reading “World Mental Health Day”

Boundaries – The Importance of Setting Them.

I’ve recently started my counselling training and this is a subject that came up in the session. I won’t go into detail about my classes, but the topic, that we can definitely go into. What are boundaries?Boundaries are limits we set with the people we interact with, these can be friends, family or co-workers. ExamplesContinue reading “Boundaries – The Importance of Setting Them.”

Sympathy, Empathy and Listening

We’ve all had a hard time at some point, for one reason or another, and in those moments we may have reached out to someone. Perhaps someone has reached out to you in their time of need, this is not always an easy thing to help with. Do they need or want sympathy, empathy, orContinue reading “Sympathy, Empathy and Listening”

ArtStart – Art with a heart

ArtStart was the brainchild of Sue Gentry and myself as a way for local artists to be able to sell and exhibit their art as well as bringing in donations for Home-Start Winchester, a local charity who makes a big impact on many of the families in the area. Firstly, here’s a bit about Home-StartContinue reading “ArtStart – Art with a heart”

The Connection Between Sleep Problems and Mental Health – Guest Piece

A massive thank you to Jo Scrivner for writing this guest piece on insomnia and mental health, if you’d like to read more of their work check out Jo’s blog! Sleep disorders are conditions affecting the quality or quantity of your sleep on a regular basis. The symptoms of sleep disorders include: difficulty falling asleepContinue reading “The Connection Between Sleep Problems and Mental Health – Guest Piece”

When Stress Becomes Something More – Work / Job Stress

Over the years I’ve noticed that a lot of people I’ve met have some form of mental health issue, the most common appears to be anxiety. Some might say that this is just because our generation is so “over sensitive” or that ever infuriating term “a snowflake”. Everyone, I’m sure, has their theory on whyContinue reading “When Stress Becomes Something More – Work / Job Stress”

Forgive, Forget, Flourish

I recently watched a video about forgiveness, it’s a theme that I have seen time and time again. When I look back over my old social media posts I can see how I used to hold onto grudges, be angry at people or hurt by them for months and it never brought me any comfort.Continue reading “Forgive, Forget, Flourish”

When Wellness Gets Too Much

The word wellness is meant to stand for mental and/or physical well-being, but has it lost it’s meaning? Is wellness still about taking care of yourself? Wellness, self-care, well-being, these are all buzz words that are thrown around online and in the real world, they came to the foreground with people trying to improve theirContinue reading “When Wellness Gets Too Much”

Music and Emotions

Music in this household is a necessity, if the world stopped we’d be the ones singing around the campfire trying to keep music alive as best we can. I personally use music to change or feed my mood, to help me sleep or help me concentrate, I have music I clean to (as does myContinue reading “Music and Emotions”

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