High Protein Foods

I had a realisation today, after a brief discussion about what foods are full of protein and what aren’t, my husband needs to build up muscle just above his knees (physio’s orders) and I suggested a little more protein in his diet might help with this. It might not, but since it’s used to helpContinue reading “High Protein Foods”

The Connection Between Sleep Problems and Mental Health – Guest Piece

A massive thank you to Jo Scrivner for writing this guest piece on insomnia and mental health, if you’d like to read more of their work check out Jo’s blog! Sleep disorders are conditions affecting the quality or quantity of your sleep on a regular basis. The symptoms of sleep disorders include: difficulty falling asleepContinue reading “The Connection Between Sleep Problems and Mental Health – Guest Piece”

Migraine – The Internal Rebellion

Migraines can appear at any time of life, as teenagers, adults, they aren’t fussy. But what are the symptoms, are there triggers? Can they be prevented or treated? For those who suffer them, prevention is as important, if not more so, than treatment. So what causes migraines? Migraines are essentially a form of intense headache,Continue reading “Migraine – The Internal Rebellion”

What’s Your Plan?

So the new WW plans have come out, I won’t lie, I’m a little sad that I didn’t get to join in with all the fun of the build up. Obviously this isn’t a subject for everyone, so if you’re not interested, not a fan or just happy the way you are, don’t feel youContinue reading “What’s Your Plan?”

Keeping Track of My Miles

I’ve changed the way I’m looking at this challenge because to being with, it just felt daunting. If something is too daunting you’re less likely to stick with it so I’m aiming to do the best I can each week, at least twice a week I will push myself to go over my steps inContinue reading “Keeping Track of My Miles”

Pain, physio and Cubital Tunnel.. or not.

I don’t write about my health problems often, not here, on Instagram or Twitter, I guess I figured it’s personal. But then again, how many others are wondering why they hurt too? Back in March last year I started getting sore wrists, I’ve had ganglion cysts before and figured they were coming back, a nuisanceContinue reading “Pain, physio and Cubital Tunnel.. or not.”

Trying To Motivate Myself

For those of you who know, I’m a WW (formerly Weight Watchers) coach, I’m not working at the moment because I managed to hurt myself, but we’re working on that and I’m hoping to be back at work soon. To be fair, work have been incredibly patient and understanding so I’m looking forward to goingContinue reading “Trying To Motivate Myself”

Morning Thoughts and Cubital Tunnel

So my plan to clean didn’t quite work, instead of spending an hour on one room I spent the day on one room which I didn’t finish 😂. This happens more than I’d like to admit lol, that said the living room looks better and the kitchen is part way there. If really like aContinue reading “Morning Thoughts and Cubital Tunnel”

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