Making a Plant Hanger

I thought I’d have a go at making a plant hanger (here’s the video I used for guidance), it was made of an old tent cord, an old Tesco Christmas plant pot, some unwanted acrylic miniature paints and a lot of patience. String – check. Paints – check. Plants – check. Wishing I’d filmed theContinue reading “Making a Plant Hanger”

#lockdownbusiness – Video Slideshow

This was a practice attempt at using Adobe spark to make a video., something I hope to do more of in the near future. I’m planning a project where I’ll be making one of these with music from the amazing Otis Galloway, the aim being to create a slideshow, alongside a behind the scenes pieceContinue reading “#lockdownbusiness – Video Slideshow”

Covid-19 Photography Project – Lockdown Business

I love projects, decorating projects, art projects, research projects. I love them, they keep me focused, they give me something to aim for and work on, they keep my brain ticking over. Projects make me happy. Lockdown doesn’t, I understand the logic behind it, the need for it, and I do my best to stickContinue reading “Covid-19 Photography Project – Lockdown Business”

The Connection Between Sleep Problems and Mental Health – Guest Piece

A massive thank you to Jo Scrivner for writing this guest piece on insomnia and mental health, if you’d like to read more of their work check out Jo’s blog! Sleep disorders are conditions affecting the quality or quantity of your sleep on a regular basis. The symptoms of sleep disorders include: difficulty falling asleepContinue reading “The Connection Between Sleep Problems and Mental Health – Guest Piece”

The Poetess Is Born – Guest Piece

Today’s entry is a guest piece from Manvi Sharma, a poetess from New Delhi, she has some wonderful work, definitely head over and have a read for yourself on her blog Ardour de Meira. The following is a poem about how she became the poetess she is today. A Poetess Is Born The emotions runningContinue reading “The Poetess Is Born – Guest Piece”

Lockdown Entertainment – photography

Good morning or afternoon should I say, I don’t know about you but the last 4 weeks or so have been long. And going out has been a real issue. I’m not currently going to go into the difficulties we face at present, I don’t feel capable of writing a blog on how to handleContinue reading “Lockdown Entertainment – photography”

Alternative – Reedsy Prompts

A short story from a prompt on Reedsy Prompts, the prompt was: Write a story about someone who finds a secret passageway in their house. I am going to include my edits for you – so you can see what I’m up to, replaced words with be crossed through – added words will be underlined.Continue reading “Alternative – Reedsy Prompts”

Poetry – Early Years

I wrote this when my eldest was still tiny, I was struggling with life in generally; feeling overwhelmed, and somehow unwanted, being a mum was hard and I didn’t believe I was capable. There’s a lot of that time I don’t remember, maybe for good reasons. So when I tell you I don’t remember writingContinue reading “Poetry – Early Years”

Street photography – famous and beginner

In my efforts to learn photography, specifically street photography at the moment, I decided I’d learn a bit more about other street photographers. So who am I looking at? My first choice is Henri Cartier-Bresson, (more) who is part of Magnum Photos. I came across his work while looking for some tips on street photography,Continue reading “Street photography – famous and beginner”

Kitchen Table – customise and fix up

Okay, let me just lay the cards on the table here (pun intended 😛 ). This was an experiment, if I was going to do it again there are some things I’d change – I’ll tell you about them as I go. The table was off a giveaway group similar to Freecycle, so it wasContinue reading “Kitchen Table – customise and fix up”

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