Learning to Edit – Lightroom

So if you’re following my instagram you’ll know I’m learning photography, I am trying a few different techniques for editing but mostly I’m just learning the basics. This week has been about revisiting Adobe Lightroom, which so far I’m enjoying – though I really wish I knew where my glasses were, this would be some much easier.

This post is mostly just a few before and afters of images as well as a few revisits. What I’ve done here is just tweak the shots, aiming to help the focus of the shot to stand out, in theory clicking on the image should let you see the image in full. These were just basic nature shots that I took out walking, I’ve also added to my “Without Us Here” set, check those out below.

So if you’re not aware of the Without Us Here project, I’m aiming to create a visual idea of what the world would look like without us, but with everything we have built, created and destroyed, still there to be seen. For my inspiration in this I suggest you look up Roanoke and the disappearance of those people, perhaps at some point I’ll do a post on similar instances throughout history.

In these I wanted to give a dated feel to the images, hence the sepia tone, again I am still a beginner so work done here will likely be revisited.¬† The project spans areas I’ve visited and will include more places and venues as time goes on. Check out my Instagram (@chellquin) or my website to see more of these. Please don’t use without permission (I own full copyright) and always credit, in fact a polite reminder, if you google an image, those pictures that come up on the image¬† search are still copyrighted, you are not allowed to just use them, always check where they come from before you borrow.