Pain, physio and Cubital Tunnel.. or not.

I don’t write about my health problems often, not here, on Instagram or Twitter, I guess I figured it’s personal. But then again, how many others are wondering why they hurt too?

Back in March last year I started getting sore wrists, I’ve had ganglion cysts before and figured they were coming back, a nuisance but they went away on their own so I wasn’t worried.

May came round and it was a much bigger issue, sore all the time, keeping me awake at night. I had pins and needles in my hands, sore arms, sharp pains in my fingers. It spread up to my elbows and I was exhausted all the time so I went to the GP, I couldn’t do my job because it involved lifting and moving furniture and that just made it worse. The physio thought it was my back, the physio specialist agreed with the GP, sounds like cubital tunnel, but it wasn’t improving nor was it getting any worse. The specialist said that they would be reluctant to operate, assuming it was CT, until I’d had it for at least 6 months so I waited a couple of months and then went back to see him. Meanwhile the CT diagnosis meant physio discharged me, couldn’t do much with that maybe?

My nerve test came back clear, not CT. I’d already had an x-ray of my wrists but not anywhere else, that was clear. So I was sent for an MRI, that was January, it’s been a long wait. The MRI showed my nerves were fine in my neck, so not that. I have a crunching noise in my neck that I hadn’t noticed early on so I don’t know of it’s related but no x-ray of my neck is being done, I’m being sent back to physio. This is very frustrating, I know I’m sore, I don’t know why. I’ve had nights where it’s felt more like I’ve broken my arm in several places and I’ve had baths and pain killers with no relief. I want to return to work, I’ve had to take a job that did it require lifting as we can’t afford for me to be off sick.

So here I am now, waiting for a start date on my new job, trying to find a way to still do my old job on the side. I’m in pain today, but I don’t know what I did to offend my body this time but it’s letting me know it’s cross. How do you cope with not knowing what’s wrong with you? More importantly has anyone else had this and can suggest anything. Could a food intolerance have this kind of affect? If I have sweetener it gives me chronic indigestion, so I’ve cut that out, perhaps something I’m eating is causing this? My digging suggests most intolerance and allergy tests don’t actually work and are not to be trusted, so how else do you check? Let me know if you know.