Morning Thoughts and Cubital Tunnel

So my plan to clean didn’t quite work, instead of spending an hour on one room I spent the day on one room which I didn’t finish 😂. This happens more than I’d like to admit lol, that said the living room looks better and the kitchen is part way there. If really like a dining table for my kitchen, something small that folds away or those ones where the chairs fit perfectly underneath. Adding that to my list of things to buy when I’m back working. I’m not currently working due to having cubital tunnel in both arms, if you’ve never heard of it, it’s like carpal tunnel but a different nerve trapped in a different place. The nerves are trapped in my elbows, it causes pain in my lower arms, and hands (and occasionally I get pain in my upper arms now). I also get numbness and pins and needles sometimes together, sometimes one or the other. My job as a coach entails a lot lifting and driving so it was causing a lot of pain leaving me unable to sleep, therefore making lots of mistakes etc. I decided I had to take a break while they tried to fix it. I see the surgeon in January to work out what they can next. I had tests done, which left me sore, looks harmless enough and not many people seem to experience actual pain but my arms were lightly offended by the procedure. The image below was borrowed from Wikipedia but it’s the best one I’ve found. Sorry I’ve not credited the photographer, they didn’t leave any details.

A nerve conduction test done to test for cubital and carpal tunnel.

So yeah, that’s me so far, I have lots of ideas and almost no budget to do them with, so you’ll get a lot of me making stuff and customising bits. On top of trying to decorate my home I have to try to keep myself sane as I hate being off sick and hate being skint, so you’ll hear about my self-care too. Right, I’m bored of being in bed, time to start the day.

Starting a Blog Fresh for 2019

So apparently I started this blog to go along side my job, I’m a weight loss coach, which I love, but clearly I never got any further than registering. I signed in today not really knowing what to expect, I couldn’t even remember which account was attached to the email. Upon opening the app I found that my one and only post was the generic “this is your first post” post, who knew I was so eloquent? Honestly, I don’t really know where this blog is going which I’m pretty sure is the first sign you’re going to fail, knowing what you plan to write is half the battle. So today I am starting a blog fresh for 2019.

Well then, how do we focus and pick a topic? In my case, we probably don’t 🤣. Anyway, I’m going to pick a theme, focusing on the areas in my life that I want to change and showing you how I did. When I worked on experiments, both at school and uni, we discussed how you had to leave instructions so if others want to test your ideas they can do, so I will explain the best I can, let me know if I sound patronising. This might be me learning to be a tidier person (good luck…), losing weight, attempting to get some muscle back in my arms or even saving money and making stuff myself, on the cheap. After all, crafty stuff is fun but sometimes you just want to have it at a cheaper price at which point DIY ends up more expensive.

So today I’m picking it up again, the blog that is, lets make the theme general wellness. Life coaching, wellness, weight loss, DIY, de-cluttering the home and the mind, strengthening the mind (building resilience), the body (exercise and diet) and the soul (healing, self-care etc). I believe the world is wounded (and thats not taking into account climate change) and unless we start with ourselves it won’t get better. I have an Instagram and Twitter if you have questions or suggestions for posts both are @pinklilith.

So with 2019 just around the corner, where should our fresh start begin?

We recently moved house and at the moment it’s a manic mess, something shown to have an adverse affect on the mind. Clutter and mess is shown in some research to aggravate anxiety, as someone who is fairly stressed these days, the calm in my home seems more important now. At the moment my curtains, in the living room (which I adore), hide piles of boxes as of yet unpacked….

My collection of boxes is a lot less interesting that starting a blog for 2019, shame I still have to unpack

The room needs decorating, the carpet needs cleaning and eventually replacing too but one thing at a time. For today, I’m going to do a 1 hour challenge in each room, then if I have time and still have motivation I will do some more. First room is the living room, de-clutter, vacuum and clean, with Piano Sleep – Moonlight Sonatas on Spotify. Let’s see how far I get…

Probably should start with the rubbish…